Space Cat Vintage Science Fiction Book Cover

Space Cat Vintage Sci-fi Children’s Books from the 1950s

Space Cat Vintage Science Fiction Book Cover
I kept seeing these vintage covers of Space Cat on Pinterest and I was so curious about who Space Cat was and what these glorious looking books were about. I did a little research and was very pleased with what I discovered.

Space Cat Visits Venus Vintage Book Cover

Space Cat is a series of juvenile books about a cat named Flyball. He begins as a stowaway on an airplane and is adopted by the pilot who brings him to a station where he sets his eyes on a rocket ship. Soon Flyball is wearing a custom pressurized suit and headed to space with adventures that span across four books:

Space Cat (1952)
Space Cat Visits Venus (1955)
Space Cat Meets Mars (1957)
Space Cat and the Kittens (1958)

Space Cat Meets Mars Vintage Sci-fi Children's Book

The book series was the first foray into children’s fiction for Scottish poet and novelist Ruthven Todd. What makes these books so interesting to vintage sci-fi fans is the gorgeous illustrations by Paul Galdone. In addition to the brightly colored covers, these chapter books feature lovely black and white illustrations of Flyball and friends.

During the series, Space Cat’s adventures take him to the Moon, Mars, and Venus. The final book in the series sees Flyball tackle fatherhood as he and his family of cats travel to Alpha Centauri to find a planet habitable to human (and feline) life.

Space Cat and the Kittens Vintage Science Fiction Book Cover

In 2018, the series was reprinted so that a new generation can enjoy Space Cat’s adventures. The entire series is available for purchase on Amazon. Recommended for ages 6-10 years old, this is the perfect opportunity for vintage sci-fi parents to share a fun story about space travel with their kids.

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  1. This was my very first Science Fiction adventure when I was just learning to read. The Milwaukee Public Library system had all of these books and many more. And then in 1957, when I was 10, some of it seemed to be coming true, Sputnick happened!

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