25 Vintage Scifi, Space, & Robot Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a divisive holiday, but whether you’re for or against a holiday of hearts and love, I think we can all agree that these cheesy vintage Valentines are “out of this world.” Featuring retro robots, vintage astronauts, and cheesy messages, these images are a nostalgic reminder of exchanging Valentines in elementary school. In addition to a nice trip down memory lane, many of these Valentines are perfect to print out and give to your beloved for a day of retro love.

Lady Astronaut Valentine You Are Out of This World
This lady astronaut proclaims “You are out of this world!” (At least she’s dressed practically for space travel!)

Robot Love Vintage Valentines
These robot lovers say “You put my control panel out of order.”

Give me the signal vintage space valentine
Testing, testing, this retro astronaut says, “I’ll be your Valentine, just give me the signal!”

I'm Screwy Robot Valentine
This little robot engineer says “May sound screwy, but I’m in love with you-y!”

Astronaut Vintage Valentine - Flying High
This little astronaut says “You’ve got me flyin’ high Valentine.”

Not Science Fiction Vintage Robot Valentine
This romantic retro robot says “It’s not science fiction. You were made just for me Valentine.” Source. Buy on Etsy.

Vintage Alien Scifi Valentine
Aliens fall in love two. These far out spacemen say “I’ll tell the world we’re going to PLANET so we can be Valentines.’

Love is Far Out Retro Robot Valentine's Day Card
“My love is far out!” This Valentine helpfully reminds us of the date of Valentine’s day with its retro-robot. Available on Etsy.

Set Phaser to Stunning Vintage Scifi Valentine
The message on this one is probably Photoshopped, but I love it. This spaceman and his raygun says “Set phaser to sunning! Be mine!”

Vintage Valentine's Day Astronaut
This retro astronaut says “Just PLANET right and I’m yours!” Source.

Up In The Air Retro Astronaut Valentine
This astronaut asks his lady back in the spaceship, “Don’t leave me up in the air! Are you my Valentine?”

You Super Charge Me Vintage Robot Valentine
This super cute vintage robot says “You super charge me, dear.” Available on Etsy.

This retro rocket is blasting off because of your love. “You really SEND me, Valentine.” Buy on Etsy.

Atomic Age Jetpack Duck Vintage Valentinecute! An atomic age duck with his jetpack proclaiming, “I’m up in the air over you, Valentine.” Source.

Mooning Over You Retro Rocket Valentine
This rocket lady says, “A Valentine for you. Can’t help mooning over you.” Source.

Retro Tin Robot Valentine
This vintage tin toy says, “I’m a robot without your love to activate me.” Source.

Vintage Astronauts Valentine's Card
These vintage astronauts (and astro-pup!) say “I’d be on top of the world if you’d be my Valentine!”

Atompunk Secret Agent Valentine
I love this atompunk girl with her secret agent Cold War paranoia. “Why keep it a secret? I go for you Valentine.” Source.

Land in my Heart - Vintage Science Fiction Valentine
Get ready for lift-off. This UFO drone says “You’ll land in my heart by remote control.”

Flying High Raygun Astronaut Retro Valentine
This little astronaut has his raygun and his love for you: “I’ll be flyin’ high if you’ll be my Valentine.” Source.

I'm in Orbit - Vintage Space Rocket Valentine
This retro astronaut with his rocket has a quick message: “You’re A-OKAY Valentine. I’m in orbit.” Buy on Etsy.

Space Honey Bunny Vintage Valentine
This one’s a little different. The astronaut is a rabbit! “Be my space honey bunny.” So cute!

Vintage Space Astronaut Valentine
These cute astronauts say, “Just SPACE to say you’re my VALENTINE.” Buy on Etsy.

Vintage Astronaut Dog Space Valentine
If dogs are more your thing, this one features an astro-pup proclaiming, “I am sub-orbital without you.” Buy on Etsy.

Space Capsule Vintage Valentine
This one is great because instead of a sci-fi style rocket, it features a space capsule that’s splashed down in the ocean. This astronaut says, “Please, pick-up my heart–it’s yours.”

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