Vintage Science Fiction Gift Ideas for Retro Sci-fi Fans

20 Vintage Science Fiction Gift Ideas for Retro Sci-fi Fans

If you have a science fiction fan in your life, you know their love of the futuristic and fantastical is a huge influence on them. If they have a soft spot in their heart for retro science fiction, then this gift guide is for you. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest vintage sci-fi and retrofuture themed gift ideas for science fiction fans. From classic tributes to scifi history to creative retrofuture, you’re sure to find some good ideas on this list.

1. Retro Rocket Desk Toy

Retro Rocket Desk Toy Science Fiction Gift Idea

Add some fun to a cubicle or home office. This desk toy has vintage flair as it features a retro style rocket blasting off into outer space. The base of the figure is made from exhaust clouds. Each 3D printed rocket is made to order so you can customize the colors.

2. When Worlds Collide Movie Poster

When Worlds Collide Movie Poster

The minimalist art of The Geekerie offers many vintage and modern sci-fi movie posters that are gorgeous display pieces. I’m a big fan of this classy poster design for the 1951 film When Worlds Collide. Perfect for framing and displaying anywhere in your home.

3. Vintage Alien Attack Sci-fi Jigsaw Puzzle

This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is the ultimate gift for vintage scifi fans. It features a dramatic scene of various vintage aliens and UFOs attacking Earth. Sci-fi fans will recognize many beloved characters from TV, movies, and comics.

4. Vintage Pulp Scifi Magazine Cover Bag

Vintage Pulp Scifi Magazine Cover Bag

This is a unique gift idea from Naked Man Press is great for guys or girls. They make these cool cross-body bags that feature a vintage cover from Science Fiction Quarterly. A fun and geeky fashion statement for scifi fans.

5. PEW PEW PEW Raygun T-shirt

Celebrating one of the most beloved retrofuture technologies that never came to be, this t-shirt features a vintage style raygun firing off “PEW PEW PEW.”

Available in men and women’s sizes in 5 color options.

6. Scifi Swear Words Poster

Scifi Swear Words Poster

This hilarious gift idea will be appreciated by all sci-fi fans. This poster features notable “swear words” from science fiction television and movies. Unique and fun design perfect for a game room or entertainment room.

Available in three sizes ready for framing.

7. Classic Sci Fi Movies DVD Set

There’s nothing better on a lazy Sunday afternoon than curling up and watching a vintage scifi movie. And this DVD set is the perfect gift to encourage binging because it includes 50 classic science fiction movies.

Check out more retrofuture scifi movies.

8. Retro Scifi Pulp Mgazine Cover Coasters

This “Space Invaders” themed coaster set features pulp scifi magazine covers. Each coaster is made of wood and features bright recreations of the covers sealed with a high gloss resin coating for durability. They are water proof and heat resistant, perfect for all types of beverages. This set comes with four coasters, 3.5″ by 3.5″.

9. Retrofuture Technology Art Prints

Retrofuture Technology Art Prints

Michael Murdock at Sabor Design Studio sells a cute series of retro-style sci-fi art. The imagine cute and fun retrofuture technology like a classic “Multi-Purpose Raygun” or a robotic take on a “Personal Computer.” Sold individually or in sets as prints ready for framing.

10. James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction Documentary

This documentary presented by filmmaker James Cameron is an in-depth look at the science fiction genre. This six part series dives into the history of science fiction, including beautifully restored clips from classic sci-fi movies. With interviews from famous directors like Stephen Speilberg and George Lucas, the series focuses mostly on sci-fi films.

11. Atomic Blaster Raygun Pin

Atomic Blaster Raygun Pin

This tiny gift makes a cute stocking stuffer for scifi fans. This enamel pin features a retro style atomic blaster. But this raygun also has a secret, it glows in the dark! Perfect to pin to a backpack or jean jacket.

12. Lost Transmissions: The Secret History of Science Fiction and Fantasy

This book is a must read for fans of science fiction and fantasy literature. Diving deep into SFF history, this book focuses on lost, forgotten, and uncompleted works from the worlds of science fiction and fantasy. There are sections on movies, literature, art, music, fashion, and of course pop culture. Learn about William Gibson’s never filmed Aliens sequel or Weezer’s space opera idea.

13. Yesterday’s Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American Future

Aspiring Retrofuturists will enjoy getting lost in the illustrations of “Yesterday’s Tomorrows.” This book explores the future as imagined by the past, sourcing images from popular science magazines, science fiction, movies, advertisements, and world fair exhibits.

14. Scifi Playing Cards

Now your weekly poker game can be out of this world, with this unique deck of cards. This standard poker deck features a gorgeous, full-color vintage science fiction movie poster on each card. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

15. Knits of Tomorrow

Crafty nerds will love this book. Knits of Tomorrow presents 20 fun retro-future inspired knitting projects. The ideas range from home decorations to scarves and even laptop bags. Lots of sci-fi and tech-themed fun!

16. Retro Rocket Cocktail Shaker

Hobbyist mixologists will enjoy this rocket-shaped cocktail shaker. Made from stainless steel in the shape of a rocket, it’s perfect to go on a Mid-Century Modern bar cart or display on a shelf.

17. Robot Tin Toy

This vintage tin toy replica is made to look like Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet. It’s a nice display item perfect for an office or bookshelf.

Check out more retro scifi tin toys.

18. Robotic Existentialism: The Art of Eric Joyner

If your loved one is interested in modern-day art with a retro-future style, they may enjoy the art of Eric Joyner. His bizarre paintings combine vintage toys (frequently tin robots) with donuts in whimsical masterpieces.

19. Classic Tales of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Leather Bound Classics is known for creating beautiful hard-cover book editions of classic literature. This one is especially for sci-fi fans. Featuring ten classics by some of the greats of science fiction and fantasy, this book is practically an art piece with its beautiful cover.

20. Penguin Science Fiction Cover Postcards

This impressive collection features 100 postcards of vintage science fiction covers. While you could use them for mail correspondence, you may have a hard time parting with them because of the beautiful full cover art images.

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